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Table of Hard and Soft Hardwood trees - Shodor

Acacia Noncommercial Hard Hardwood Florida Maple Hard Maple Hard Hardwood Boxelder Other Soft Hardwoods Soft Hardwood Black Maple Hard Maple Hard Hardwood Striped Maple Noncommercial Soft Hardwood Red Maple Soft Maple Soft ... [ Chat Online + ]

Top Ten Hardest Woods The Wood Database

In all practicality, a great number of hardwoods are hard enough for nearly all residential applications. But, if youve simply got to have the hardest lumber around, then this list is for you! Cebil ... [ Chat Online + ]

What Is a List of Hardwood Trees? Reference

The Penquis Virtual Nature Center provides a list of hardwood trees that includes species of alder, poplar, birch, beech, oak, cherry, sumac, maple and ash. Each tree species has ... [ Chat Online + ]

Janka Wood Hardness Scale - Welcome to Tiny TIMBERS

These ratings were determined using the Janka Hardness Test which measures the side hardness measure of the force required to embed a .444 inch steel ball to half its diameter into the wood. This is one of the best measures of the ability of wood species to ... [ Chat Online + ]

Types of Hardwoods

Wood types: Hardwoods Alder, Red Ash, White Ash, European Balsa Basswood Beech Birch, Yellow Boxwood Brazilwood Bubinga Butternut Cherry, Black Chestnut Cocobolo Ebony Elm, white Elm, Dutch & English Hickory Jelutong Kingwood Lime Mahogany ... [ Chat Online + ]

Wood Hardness Scale - Armstrong Flooring Residential

Use the wood hardness scale to compare species the harder the hardwood, the more resistant to dents, dings & wear. ... Hardwoods softer than Red Oak may be more susceptible to scratches, dents and dings. This is something to consider if you have Of ... [ Chat Online + ]

Hardwood hardness chart - Wood Species Relative Hardness Table

hardwood hardness chart for wood species used in hardwood flooring ... Below are listed the relative hardness for numerous wood species used in flooring. These ratings were done using the Janka Hardness Test. [ Chat Online + ]

Wood Hardness Chart - Workshop Pages

Wood Hardness Chart Species (Alphabetical) Hardness Species (by Hardness) Hardness Afromosia 1560 Basswood 410 Amberwood 2200 Butternut 490 Amendoim 1360 Chestnut, Domestic 540 Angelique 1290 Douglass Fir 660 Aniegre 1110 Yellow Pine ... [ Chat Online + ]

Janka Hardness Chart - Welcome to Tiny TIMBERS

Janka Hardness Chart Author TinyTIMBERS Created Date 1/7/2007 12:00:00 AM ... [ Chat Online + ]

Janka Wood Hardness Chart - Hosking Hardwood Flooring

Below the U.S. Forest Service list the relative hardness for numerous wood species used in flooring. These ratings were calculated using the Janka Hardness Test, which measures the force needed to embed a .444 inch steel ball to half its diameter in a piece of ... [ Chat Online + ]

Types of Wood - American Hardwood Information Center

American Hardwood Information Center Smart, Cost-Effective, Treasured for Generations Advantages Types of Wood American Hardwoods Natural Abundance Solid Hardwood and its Advantages ... [ Chat Online + ]

Wood Charts: Density, Hardness, Stiffness and Strength

Here you'll find charts that break down the wood types by density, hardness, stiffness and strength. Each wood species is listed in alphabetical order in each chart with its corresponding related number next to each species. [ Chat Online + ]

Wood Identification for Hardwood and Softwood Species Native to Tennessee

5 hardwood are used to reference the taxonomical division that separates a species and have little to do with the actual hardness of the wood. Hardwood trees have broad leaves and are deciduous they lose their leaves at the end of the growing season. Hardwoods ... [ Chat Online + ]