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Information on the existing deck and its condition can be determined by cutting a hole through the roof membrane, all the way down to the deck. (Make sure you have proper repair materials to fix the hole!) Thickness of a steel roof deck can be determined at a roof ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Insulation Panels Several different companies produce this type of roof decking panels. Most of these types of panels contain synthetic materials such as polystyrene. While expensive, ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Functions and materials Wood or timber "decking" can be used in a number of ways: as part of garden landscaping, to extend living areas of houses, ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Redwood is the most expensive, while cypress isn't as strong as other wood types. 4 of 16 Wood Decking: ... All decking materials impact the environment since they either use plastics or require ongoing chemical maintenance. For a greener option, try one of ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Roof Decking Options You Should Consider in All Scenarios Roof decking is applied by builders to make a surface that is smooth for your foot and that can accept shakes, shingles and roof felt and different materials for finishing. Also known as sheathing, roof ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Here's a list of common decking materials, along with a look at their individual costs and benefits, to help you pick the best material for your project. The Balance Small Business Learn About the Different Types of Decking Material ... [ Chat Online + ]

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If you're dealing with your home's roof, you may be asking yourself "What is roof decking material?" When people refer to roof deck, they are referring to a special layer of roofing ... [ Chat Online + ]

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When planning for a new deck, you should first explore the various decking materials available for your project. ... Recessed lighting is tucked into the overhangs of a cantilevered roof, lighting up the sleek, streamlined pool and highlighting the lines of this home's ... [ Chat Online + ]

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TYPES OF DECKING MATERIALS Depending on the size and budget of your deck, there are many options for what type of decking material to use. Additional considerations should include deck maintenance, repair and cleaning. Explore the pros and cons of each ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Roof sheathing holds your roof together. Sheathing is made of roofing plywood & other materials. See all roof sheathing options & connect with local roofers! Get Free Quotes Menu Free Quotes Pro Directory Cost Guides Articles Calculators Join as a Pro ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Let's review the most common categories of flat roof materials available for your home: Single Layer Membrane Roof Modified Bitumen Roof Built Up Roof (BUR) ... [ Chat Online + ]

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HouseLogic explores deck options in this article to help you find the right deck. There are many types of home decking, each with their own benefits. HouseLogic explores deck options in this article to help you find the right deck. [ Chat Online + ]

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Different Types of Roofing Material Understanding the different types of roofing material will help ensure that you have a long-lasting and waterproof porch roof. Once your porch roof has been framed it is time for the roofing materials. [ Chat Online + ]