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To make my floors really shine, I used a mechanical floor buffer, but I had to take extra care to ensure a consistent pattern. The whole process is time consuming and requires considerable muscle, but after all that work, my hardwood look amazingly new ... [ Chat Online + ]

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You can also use a mechanical floor buffer to make dull floors shiny once more. References (5) This Old House: How to Fix a Furniture ... "How to Quickly and Easily Make Wood in Your Home Look New." Home Guides SF Gate, homeguides.sfgate ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Heavy damage or a cracked stone tile typically requires chiseling out the damaged section and gluing in a new piece. But that's still easier than removing an entire row of tiles or planks if you've floated the floor. In our tests of solid-wood flooring, strong ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Make wood floors look like new again! - Duration: 2:10. Don Aslett's Cleaning Center 25,487 views 2:10 Refinish A Hardwood Floor - No Sanding - No Mess - Duration: 0:54. proshotcorp 163,914 views 0:54 Wood Floor Restore - The all in one DIY kit to 8:00 ... [ Chat Online + ]

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This Site Might Help You. RE: How do I make my old hardwood floors look like new again.? We purchased an old house that was built in 1910 and it has hardwood floors throughout. We want to eventually purchase new flooring for the house, but in the meantime ... [ Chat Online + ]

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A floor buffer will give your hardwood floor a new shine, and it costs $20 to $30 a day to rent from tool rental or home improvement stores. Make sure the buffer comes with a sanding screen; the screen will serve to remove only the top finish of the floor, leaving the ... [ Chat Online + ]

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What's better than new wood floors? Wood floors that look new years from now!! shop.cleanreport /default.asp Today we're going to show you how easy it is to use wood floor restorer and a microfiber applicator mop pad to revitalize the beauty of worn wood ... [ Chat Online + ]

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D. Thomas Treadwell First Things First Before you start distressing new wood to make it look old, determine just how old you'd like it to appear. The methods used to make lumber from trees evolved over the centuries. The marks left behind can be roughly linked to ... [ Chat Online + ]

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do you do to make new pine look like it belongs in the attic of a 1929 Bungalow? You distress it! ... Its not difficult to make distressed wood floors, and if I can do this on a 300 SF floor, you can do it on a table top or piece of furniture much easier. ... [ Chat Online + ]

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This simple guide will help you make your damaged wood floor look new again. How to Make Wood Floors Shiny Again Similar Posts: Tips For Cleaning Wood Floors Depending on Your Finish Why Vacuuming Shouldnt be Your Only Method For Cleaning Your ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Screening and Re-coating One of the easiest and most cost effective methods of wood floor restoration is screening and coating. When carried out annually on the exposed hardwood surface, it revitalizes the finish and protects it against wear and tear brought about ... [ Chat Online + ]

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One of the most attractive features in many older homes are the wood floors. If your homes hardwood floors need a makeover, follow these steps to have them looking like new. [ Chat Online + ]

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In the kitchen, to give the dated linoleum floors a new look, he skimmed the surface with a pole sander to ensure the paint would stick, ... you could just float another engineered wood floor over it, said Rick Holden, the chief operating officer at Derr Flooring Pa ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Easiest Way to Refinish a Wood Floor How to Make Hardwood Floors Shine Without Toxic Chemicals If your hardwood floors are getting worn, ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Renew your old scratched, worn hardwood flooring, and restore it to a new, beautiful look using these tips. ... Hardwood Floors: Renewal to Beautiful A very warm and inviting feature of any home is a beautifully polished wood floor. If your hardwood floors have lost ... [ Chat Online + ]