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According to the Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture, oak wood is timber or lumber from the evergreen or deciduous oak tree, which belongs to the genus Quercus. Over 500 varieties of oak wood are found worldwide. [ Chat Online + ]

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Furniture? Reference

Oak furniture is durable, attractive and easy to find, but it is heavy visually and physically. Oak is produced in a rustic style with the bark still on, or a leaner, more elegant trimmed and stained style. This hardwood is a popular choice for wood furniture. Oak is available in many types of [ Chat Online + ]

Solid Hardwood and its Advantages - American Hardwood Information Center

If you're uncertain as to whether an item is solid hardwood or something else, be sure to ask questions; examine the construction closely and remember this: the terms "oak, maple and cherry finish" may simply refer to the color or photographic reproduction of the ... [ Chat Online + ]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Furniture

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Furniture The Advantages and Disadvantages of Oak Furniture Oak is widely used in decorating with wood and ... [ Chat Online + ]

10 Advantages Of Engineered Wood Flooring - Wood and Beyond Blog

Aside its great looks, this is arguably one of the most significant advantages of engineered wood flooring over solid wood. Thanks to its clever construction, ... [ Chat Online + ]

4 benefits of Hardwoods - Hardwood Merchants & Timber Products

For example, a high quality wood, like oak, will be considerably higher than a laminate alternative. You can probably expect to pay in the region of £30.00 to £130.00 per square metre for real-wood flooring. Although hardwood flooring is low-maintenance, over-time ... [ Chat Online + ]

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What are advantages and disadvantages of oak wood? Oak wood,with scientific name of quercus spp,is mostly growing the tropical zones of the Northern Earth such as northern Americas, East Asia and East Europe. [ Chat Online + ]

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Wood Real Simple

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Wood John Lawton By Amy R . Hughes 1 of 5 John Lawton Pine ... waterlike pattern, and white oak, which has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow rays and flecks. Oak is often used in pieces made in the Arts and Crafts or ... [ Chat Online + ]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Types of Wood Hunker

Learn about a variety of commonly used wood types, their advantages, disadvantages and applications. ... Oak has the tradition of strength and beauty. It's broad, flame-like patterns are easily recognized. It's priced mid-range for a hardwood, and available ... [ Chat Online + ]

European Oak - Design Technology

Name: - European Oak (not to be confused with Japanese Oak) Sources: -Europe, including Britain, Russia and Poland. Colour: -Light to dark brown Advantages: -Very strong, hard, tough and durable. Oak finishes well, works well and has very little shrinkage ... [ Chat Online + ]

what are the Advantages of using oak wood? Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: 1. Oak wood has great strength and hardness 2. It is very resistant to insect and fungal attack 3. It has very attractive grain markings when quartersawn; quarter-sawn boards of oak have been prized since the Middle Ages for use in interior ... [ Chat Online + ]

What Are The Advantages to Using Oak for Your Log Furniture? DoItYourself

Oak is a traditional hardwood used in log furniture construction. Oak has a great rustic look, and your furniture can be designed to show off its beautiful grain. There are many advantages to using oak in your log furniture plans, although there are disadvantages as well. Oak is a traditional [ Chat Online + ]

The Advantages of Oak Timber in Woodworking

Oak timber's advantages in woodwork From a purely aesthetic point of view, oak timber's distinct grain and texture is instantly recognizable to most woodworkers. Even if your eye is not so well trained, it's not hard to notice the wood's vivid vertical stripes, significant ... [ Chat Online + ]