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I am in the research phase of determining which way to go for replacing the deck boards on our deck. It is a big deck, 1120 sq ft. I have looked into hardwoods like Ipe and Tigerwood as well as the ... It might take a while but you can surface the wood with a small ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Can I take my longboard on an airplane with me? Yes. Probably. My friends and I have been traveling with skateboards for years and havent had a problem bringing skateboards with us. That said, every airline and airport is different. Your mileage may vary ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Do I need to sand my entire deck before staining? - Home,Do I need to sand my entire deck before staining?, Deck boards often are cupped and warped,, Smallest tile to tessellate the hyperbolic plane How can a, ... [ Chat Online + ]

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I don't mind if other members disagree with my comments. I don't profess to know everything, and I may learn ... A pressure washer and some deck cleaner will strip the old gray moldy looking color off without removing the deck boards. You can then let it dry ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Id probably check my board if I went international. I went to Israel with mine last year, and on the way back we had to stop in Spain, where they confiscated my board and refused to give it back. I didnt ride it or anything, they took it from me when I exited the plane. [ Chat Online + ]

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Choosing a Stain While a simple penetrating oil stain brings out the beauty of fresh, natural wood, a deck with old and new boards needs a stain that can not only revive the old wood, but give the deck a uniform appearance. A stain with more pigment is better than ... [ Chat Online + ]

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How to Use a Benchtop Wood Planer Smooth rough lumber, clean up sawn edges and reclaim salvaged boards with a wood planer ... Plane perfect deck spindles Gang-feed deck spindles Remove saw marks from ripped 2x2s with a wood planer. Gang feeding ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Cupping Some deck boards, more so 2-by-6s than 2-by-4s, develop a cupped shape across their width. It can make the edges slightly higher than other boards, which creates a tripping hazard. ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Home Carpentry How to Plane Rough Lumber How to Plane Rough Lumber Learn the basics of flattening rough-sawn wood ... Or if you have several thinner boards of the same thickness, you can gang-plane them all at once. Hold the boards together as they ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Planing Old Deck Boards - TOH Discussions - This Old House The deck is about 27 years old and the boards, which are ... I start by first removing any nails that I can see. ... After the loose dirt and crap is off I plane it by hand with one of my jack planes that I... [ Chat Online + ]