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Food We use plants everyday for food, even if you are eating meat. All food is either a plant or has eaten a plant. The plants that make fruits which we eat [ Chat Online + ]

The Story of Cotton- The Importance of Cotton

Today, the world uses more cotton than any other fiber, and cotton is a leading cash crop in the U.S. At the farm level alone, the production of each years crop involves the purchase of more than $5.3 billion worth of supplies and services. This stimulates business ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Biology & Plant Uses 10 ways we use plants in everyday life... Chelsea Kay Food We use plants for food because we get fruits and vegetables from plants and trees. Oxygen Plants give us oxygen, and we give them carbon dioxide. Upset Stomachs We use mint to ... [ Chat Online + ]

Uses of a Cotton Plant Garden Guides

Cotton plants are notorious for depleting the soil of nutrients, which is why some farmers till plants back into the land. References The ... [ Chat Online + ]

Santolina Herb Plants How To Use Santolina In The Garden

Santolina herb plants were introduced to the United States from the Mediterranean in 1952. Today, they are recognized as a naturalized plant in many areas of California. Also known as lavender cotton, Santolina herb plants are members of the sunflower/aster ... [ Chat Online + ]

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The majority of times, our use of cotton balls is limited to the bathroom. We use them to remove nail polish, clean our face and sometimes clean our ears t [ Chat Online + ]

Cotton Plant Care: Tips For Growing Cotton With Kids

Cotton growing with kids is easy and most will find this to be a fun project in additional to an educational one. Learn more about how to grow cotton in the following article and give ... [ Chat Online + ]

Cotton Diseases and Pests, Description, Uses, Propagation

Cotton is the collective name given to four species of plants in the genus Gossypium, Gossypium hirsutum, Gossypium barbadense, Gossypium arboreum and Gossypium herbaceum which are perennial shrubs in the family Malvaceae grown for the fluffy fiber which ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective case, around the seeds of the cotton plants of the genus Gossypium in the mallow family ... [ Chat Online + ]

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We will discuss about the different uses of plants. We know plants are very useful for us. There are many kinds of plants, bushes and trees in our surroundings. There are small ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Cottonseed oil is a cooking oil extracted from the seeds of cotton plants of various species, mainly Gossypium hirsutum and Gossypium herbaceum, that are grown for cotton fiber, animal feed, and oil. Cotton seed has a similar structure to other oilseeds such as sunflower seed ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Kids can learn several uses of plants in everyday life of humans and animals in this animation video.This lesson unit is useful for preschoolers and kids of kindergarten ,grade 1 and ... [ Chat Online + ]

The Story of Cotton- How Cotton is Grown

About two months after planting, flower buds called squares appear on the cotton plants. In another three weeks, the blossoms open. Their petals change from creamy white to yellow, then pink and finally, dark red. ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Made from the fibers that grow around the seed of the cotton plant, cotton is one of the most popular fabrics used for clothing. It's known for being durable, light and breathable. Organic cotton is more eco-friendly than non-organic cotton, as it uses less water and is ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Search the database for plants with the following other uses. (Numbers of plants in brackets). Building Materials Insulation Providing insulation against extremes ... [ Chat Online + ]