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One thing you may notice about wood is that the color often seems to change. It is important to understand that there is actually nothing wrong with the wood. It is normal for wood to change color over time after it has been dried and it helps to understand whats ... [ Chat Online + ]

Cabinets Before You Buy and Wood Species Guide

Color variations will range from the white sapwood to the reddish brown heartwood even within the same piece of wood. Although, these color variations tend to mellow with age ... [ Chat Online + ]

My floor is changing color, is this a defect?

Color change in wood, bamboo and cork flooring is not a defect. Different species of wood flooring will experience color changes at different rates. In general, more-common species such as oak and hickory will experience minimal color change over time, while less ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Here's how you can slow, prepare for, or even use those color changes to your advantage. Slow and reverse color changes ... , transformed to a dark walnut-like brown over time. A light sanding and refinishing refreshes the color. Accelerate changes to your ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Heres my take on wood color: every piece of wood has a freshly-cut color, and also a settled-in color. Yes, ... will adjust to the average local humidity over time. Thus changes in colour over months or years that can be stopped with coatings must in fact be ... [ Chat Online + ]

Finishing: Exposure to light alters any wood or finish.

Finishing: Exposure to light alters any wood or finish. When planning a job, factor in the color-changing effects of UV rays or fluorescent tubes ... [ Chat Online + ]

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In your case the mahogany will darken over time with exposure to light. UV light just accelerates the process. ... Try not to cover any of the wood until its color stabilizes. Would you like to add information to this article? Interested in writing or submitting an article ... [ Chat Online + ]

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When we bring the wood inside and protect it from the wind and rain and sun, it will still change color over time. This can be most readily seen when a board is first cut or planed and appears much lighter than a board cut even a few hours or days ago. Later on as we ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Wood changes color over time. This process, sometimes called patina can have a variety of causes, but two of the most common are oxidation of the... [ Chat Online + ]

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You have no control over the color after you finish it. All you can do is make up samples and get one approved. When the color of the cherry wood changes, it is because of the wood and the conditions of the environment where the furniture is placed. I think that It ... [ Chat Online + ]

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How Wood Flooring Change Colour Over Time This entry was posted on July 21, 2014 by Jonathan Sapir ... the long-term colour change in any wood and here are some tips and hints that will help you predict the future colour changes in your wood flooring: It is ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Noob question on 16 here, just want to know a little more about my guitar. I had this guitar almost 2 years the wood is a darker orange than the mim... [ Chat Online + ]

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I frequently receive questions about the color of dry wood not being the color expected or questions about the color changing with time. Let's review a few items about wood color so we can understand what is going on when the color of dry wood changes. (Color ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Mahogany Color Changes (post #112958) woodwhacker on Mon, 02/27/2006 - 01:27 in Wood and Materials Anyone know how the color of Honduran Mahogany changes with age between the time it's been sitting out for a few weeks or months (honey brown ... [ Chat Online + ]