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Learn About the Different Types of Decking Material

Decks can be used in a number of ways but normally are designed to extend living areas of houses and as an alternative to stone based features such as patios. Now is the time to start building your deck, but there are many products that could be used as ... [ Chat Online + ]

Types of Wood Decks What Material Should I Use for My Deck? Board & Vellum

There are a lot of types of wood decks to choose from. How do you know which might be the right one for you? ... Monterey Pine is used for a clear grain and Scots Pine is used for a character grade that has knots and grain pattern. The treatment process gives ... [ Chat Online + ]

Wood and Composite Decking: Pros and Cons

MORE deck, including the pros and cons of each type. 01 of 05 Wood strathroy/E+/Getty Images Wood is the original and traditional material used for decks. The Atlantic City boardwalk -- the first oceanside wood boardwalk in the United Stateswas made of ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Four Types of Wood You Can Use for Decks Since many decks are subject to a lot of elements like foot traffic, pets, appliances and the weather they must be strong and durable enough to sustain all of them. Many homeowners are surprised when they begin ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Learn the best wood types for your deck based on climate, price, appearance and durability. ... Wood used for decks must resist rot and be able to stand up to the elements. Therefore, choosing the type of wood for your deck should be carefully thought out. [ Chat Online + ]

Common Types of Wooden Decks Best Deck Stain Reviews Ratings

and maintained. The following are some different types of woods that are commonly used for decks. Cedar Wood Cedar: ... 1 Comment on "Common Types of Wooden Decks" Photo and Image Files Audio and Video Files newest oldest ... [ Chat Online + ]

Your Ultimate Guide to the 5 Materials That Make a Modern Deck

Decking options have grown exponentially over the past several years, with five basic types, each with their own aesthetics, ... It can be cut with the same saws and carbide-tipped blades used to cut wood. Most aluminum planks have interlocking edges, which ... [ Chat Online + ]

The Different Kinds of Decking Materials DIY

decking is used on about 75% of all U.S. decks. Its chemically treated to resist rot, mold, and insects. ... The wood has tannins and naturally occurring oils that are resistant to rot and insects, but protecting the wood with stain and sealer ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Types of Wood About Wood Wood is the preferred material for decks. Not only is wood beautiful, it is also stable, durable, and easy to work with. Wood is susceptible, however, to water damage and should be checked regularly. Boards that are split, cracked, or ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Natural wood is a widely used material for outdoor construction, especially for deck. Red cedar wood was one of the most popular types of natural wood used for decks in 2012. This wood is perfect for deck boards because it is inexpensive and easy to use. Cedar ... [ Chat Online + ]

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The three common choices when it comes to wood decks are redwood, cedar and pressure-treated wood that can be made of various types of wood species. Redwood and cedar are both naturally insect and rot resistant and have a natural look, but each has its own ... [ Chat Online + ]