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Wood FAQ Wood Gallery Wood FAQ Why is cedar fencing so popular? Forty years ago, cedar fence boards were rich with dark red, brown and orange hues. The boards had a strong cedar smell that was so pungent that you might have thought you were locked ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Let's take a closer look at how to select the best wood for your fence. Selecting the Best Wood What's your local weather? ... though it is similarly priced to cedar. Tips Be sure to treat your fence with weatherproof solution to protect against moisture and The ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Increase the lifespan of your cedar or cypress fence by selecting wood that is treated with a finish to prevent it from turning gray in color. ... "Recommended Wood for Fences." Home Guides SF Gate, homeguides.sfgate /recommended-wood-fences ... [ Chat Online + ]

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When it comes to fencing, there are a lot of different options available, from wooden fences to vinyl fences to metal chain link fences. But when you narrow down choice to wood, you will have to choose between a treated wood and a 4×4 cedar post. While both can ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Which the better fencing materials: cedar or pressure treated pine? Western Red Cedar is the best lumbar for any type of board or picket fence. Western Red Cedar is the sturdiest and longest lasting grade of cedar wood. It provides the strength and stability needed ... [ Chat Online + ]

Pressure treated posts for fence, big mistake?

We've got intense deer pressure around here, so a fence is a must for us. We're about to have an 8' high fence installed with pressure treated posts. We're going to be growing holistically and I believe using pressure treated wood eliminates the possibility of organic ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Always try and get Pressure Treated wood to build your wood fence, if you can. This will add life to the lumber, generally by twice its normal age. Apart from PT wood, if you live in hot and humid place like FL, then it is also good to paint the wood with water repellant ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Here is some very useful information about western red cedar and pressure treated pine, the two species of wood used to build fences in our area. ... SHORT VERSION: FOR THE LONGEST LASTING, BEST LOOKING FENCE, WE RECOMMEND USING ... [ Chat Online + ]

Cedar Fences vs. Pressure Treated Pine Fences

A common choice when choosing a wood fence is the decision whether to go with cedar or pressure treated pine. Often, homeowners make the mistake of working with pressure treated pine simply because it is commonly available and requires a smaller initial ... [ Chat Online + ]

The Difference between Pressure Treated Pine Fences vs. Cedar Fences

When choosing a wood fence most of us are faced with cedar and pressure treated pine. Its easy to swing in favor of pressure treated pine because its cheaper and its more commonly available. However, is it the right choice? Pressure Treated Pine Fences ... [ Chat Online + ]