is it cheaper to build a deck or cement patio

Wood Deck or Cement Patio? ZING Blog by Quicken Loans

When deciding between a wood deck or a cement patio, there are several things to consider, and each has its own benefits and d backs. ... [ Chat Online + ]

what's cheaper to build - patio or deck? - DC Urban Mom

When we got quotes a patio was cheaper which surprised me b/c it's so timeless. Unfortunately we had to go with a deck b/c the roots in the area I wanted the patio were very close to the surface and no on could guarantee they wouldn't kill the huge tree in my ... [ Chat Online + ]

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The differences between a patio and a deck. The costs associated with each option and the potential ROI of adding either to your home. ... In short, patios are usually cheaper than decks. The cost of the project will depend upon a variety of factors though. These ... [ Chat Online + ]

How to Build Concrete Patios, Step by Step

Learn how to build concrete patios, including forms, installing drainage, using automatic cement mixers and pouring. ... Now that you know how to build a concrete patio, you may be curious as to how to place your own unique stamp on your project. Many into ... [ Chat Online + ]

Patios vs Decks. Which One is Better?? - Backyard Design Ideas

Patios vs Decks - Which One is Best for Your Backyard? Decisions, decisions... Trying to decide which is better, decks or patios? ... Which costs more? A deck or a Patio? While there is some overlap between the high end materials and the low end materials ... [ Chat Online + ]

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How Much Will That Patio or Deck Cost? From piers to patio pavers, there's a lot that goes into pricing your suburban oasis. ... do not build your new deck like you did back home. There's a reason there are different requirements for different climates." you ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Which is cheaper: a deck or a patio? In this article, find out if a deck or a patio is cheaper. X Adventure Animals Auto Culture Entertainment Health Home & Garden Lifestyle Money Science Tech Video Podcasts Quizzes Follow us Facebook YouTube Twitter [ Chat Online + ]

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Adding a deck or patio to your home not only increases its value, but also your available living space. In fact, many homeowners think of their deck or patio as an outdoor living room, dining room or, in some cases, even kitchen. Choosing whether to build a deck or ... [ Chat Online + ]

Is it cheaper to build a deck made out of wood or a concrete patio? Yahoo Answers

Is it cheaper to build a deck made out of wood or a concrete patio? It's not a huge house,it's only about 2600 sq ft. what would be more cost efficient,considering that I'd have to hire a contractor because i can't do it myself ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Is it cheaper to build a concrete outdoor patio or a low floating deck? Heather Hometalker Marietta, GA Answer 24 Answer s Last reply on Mar 18, 2012 ... [ Chat Online + ]

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We will eventually add a door from the kitchen to access it, but would like to have the patio/deck done sooner because we'll enjoy it now. So which is best: to pour concrete, lay down paver stones, or build a wooden deck? ... [ Chat Online + ]

I want to build a deck area on the back of my house. Is it cheaper to pour concrete or build it out of wood? Yahoo Answers

get a bid from a contractor on both a concrete and another for a wooden deck. Chances are that a wooden deck will be cheaper. You probably cant complete a cement deck alone. The only way I see is to build a wooden deck yourself. That way you can save on ... [ Chat Online + ]