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See more about Energy Star ratings for roofing materials Smith & Vansant Architects PC 2 Standing-Seam Metal Roof Pros: Extremely durable, long lasting, light reflective and fully recyclable, metal roofs are a great investment for anyone not just green ... [ Chat Online + ]

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A properly designed and installed extensive green-roof system can cost $108248/m2 ($1023/ft2) while an intensive green roof costs $3552368/m2 ($33220/ft2) however, since most of the materials used to build the green roof can be salvaged it is estimated that ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Choose durable roofing materials that will last through wind, precipitation and exposure to U.V rays. 1. Asphalt shingles: ... a green roof can still have and better return on investment since they last so long, and help save costs on heating as well as cooling. ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Costs for green roofs can range from $15 per square foot on up, depending on many factors, such as growing medium, depth, and green roof size. ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Green roof systems involve layering different materials in order to provide complete water proofing. Rooftop gardens typically have 6 to 7 different layers. Starting from the bottom up, a green roof consists of a high quality waterproof membrane, a root repellant system ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Costs for green roofs in the United States are estimated to average between $15 to $20 per square foot for all use types, ... tangible and long-term economic benefits of building a green roofing system. Different types of installation costs include initial ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Professional greenroof system development from Green Roof Technology, a design and consulting firm specializing in development of green roof systems throughout the USA. ... Green Roof Systems With the German evolution of modern green roof technology in the ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Green Roof Equals Saving As the costs for energy increase over time, having a home that utilizes alternative roofing materials drastically reduces the utility bill while also work towards saving the environment. As with many household upgrades, green roofs mean ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Environmentally Friendly Roofing Materials Metal roofing materials are one of the most environmentally friendly roofing materials and sustainable green roofing materials you can choose for your home's roof. Green environmentally friendly roofing materials offer energy ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Greenroofs is an internet news media organization: the international greenroof industrys resource and online information portal. ... We are a fully searchable database full of green roof & green wall projects from all over the world. Help us update these existing ... [ Chat Online + ]


GSA GREEN ROOF BENEFITS AND CHALLENGES COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS PAGE 67 3.0 COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS A major goal of this report is to compare the costs of green roofs with the benefits they provide. This requires an understanding of the costs ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Visit our website for the answers to your frequently asked questions about green roof and living wall consulting and design. ... FAQ Below are some of the more commonly asked questions. If you have a questions that you don't see below please feel free to contact ... [ Chat Online + ]

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The types of roofing materials range from low-cost rolled roofing on up to expensive natural slate roofing. ... Eco-friendly green roofing 01 of 06 Rolled Roofing Asphalt rolled roofing is one of the least expensive ways to install a flat roof. Wald1siedel/Wikimedia ... [ Chat Online + ]