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Can Oil and Water Based Produc.. Can Oil and Water Based Products be Used Over One Another? ... When using a water based topcoat over an oil based stain, allow oil based finishes, such as Java Gel Stain, to dry at least 72 hours before coating with a ... [ Chat Online + ]

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We have water based stain on our deck. Can we apply oil based stain over the worn water based stain without stripping the deck down?? Also in the future when our oil based stain is worn, can I light sand the oil based instead of stripping, to re-apply more stain? [ Chat Online + ]

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Full Answer Latex stain does not penetrate wood like an oil-based one does. If oil-based stain is placed over latex, the new stain collects on the surface and does not properly sink into the wood. Latex stains clean up easily with soap and water. Oil stains need ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Most oil based stains have a strong odor and can expect to have longer drying and curing times compared to water based deck stains. ... Where an oil based stain will fade over time and be easier to maintain, a water based decking stain will normally peel or ... [ Chat Online + ]

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