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My dog Cobain was walking around basspro and when we got upon the wood floor he freaked out hahaha but he made it across :) [ Chat Online + ]

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I am thinking about getting a German Shepherd but have hardwood floors in my house. Home Mail Flickr Tumblr News Sports Finance Entertainment Lifestyle Answers Groups Mobile More Weather ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Lets face it, having a dog is a joy but it has its hardships too! A dog can destroy your house! My friend has a very active German shepherd. She just did her floors. She was so excited to get prefinished wood floors in charcoal gray. I told her it was not a good ... [ Chat Online + ]

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My German Shepherd is exactly the same but it is because he slipped and fell. If your dogs paws were wet or the floor was wet, he may have fallen and now he is afraid. We picked up a couple of very inexpensive, used carpet runners at a thrift store. I placed them ... [ Chat Online + ]

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your pup should not be jumping from stuff. We put our pups on a leash and then tied the leash to a belt so that if they weren't in the crate or pen, they were where we could watch them. This was good for housebreaking as well. Both were raised on hardwood and ... [ Chat Online + ]

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German Shepherd afraid of wood floor has the perfect solution The German Shepherd attempts to make it down the hallway without slipping on the wood floor, and how he does so is hilariously brilliant! Just watch ... [ Chat Online + ]

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if their nails are too long and the clicking on the hard wood floors annoys them. Recommend tags funny +1 dogs +1 german shepherd +1 cute dogs +1 dog funny +1 savannah ga +1 funny dogs german shepherd cute dogs dog funny savannah ga Subscribe ... [ Chat Online + ]

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This German Shepard might LOOK tough, but he has one fear he can't seem to conquer: the wooden floor! ... Were not sure if hes afraid of ALL wooden floors or just the wooden floors in his house, but either way, its a big enough fear that he cant even walk ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Rescued a German Shepherd who had the same fear. We gave her the same accommodations and she eventually got over it! ... Now I live in a home with wood floors throughout downstairs and she hates it. I have a huge area rug and she musters up her but Im ... [ Chat Online + ]

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It is very important when buying a laminated floor that you buy one that can withstand the size and activity of a German Shepherd. All laminated floors are not the same! There are two different types of ... [ Chat Online + ]

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[Help] Dog all of a sudden afraid to walk on hardwood floors submitted 2 years ago by Nothguancm Standard Poodle Hi, My just over 1yr old standard poodle has all of a sudden become afraid of walking on hardwood flooring. It started a few days ago with timid ... [ Chat Online + ]

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There could be many reasons: he could be afraid of slipping, he doesn't like the sound of his nails on the floor, maybe he had a bad experience on a wood floor. First, don't force him. Spend more time on the wood floor. Get down on his level and play or pet him. Give ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Dogs Who Are Afraid of Floors Compilation - Duration: 3:47. MrFunnyMals 15,034 views 3:47 German Shepherd doesn't like bath time - Duration: 0:55. Mack MacDude 159,436 views 0:55 German Shepherd puppy scares away German Shepherd puppy in ... [ Chat Online + ]

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So maybe the association is for all wood floors, instead of "Mommy's mom's wood floors." I don't know, just thinking out loud. We had an experience of metal sidewalk grates with Nikita years ago. ... [ Chat Online + ]