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How to Plant a Privacy Hedge Learn how to plant a privacy hedge in 8 simple steps. Privacy screens like all hedges can serve several purposes and can add value to many ... Benefits: Serves as a living privacy fence to provide privacy from street traffic and neighbors [ Chat Online + ]

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Privacy fence trees There are many solutions available if you want to provide privacy for your house. One of the best ways to keep our backyard private is to use privacy trees. There are some advantages that we can expect from privacy trees. For example, these ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Great for driveways, large walls and fence lines, this row of trees is literally just kept tidy, allowing them to exhibit all of the natural branching and flowering characteristics of their species. As most hedges are planted for privacy, the year-round green foliage ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Will the trees be up against a fence? If so, you need to be careful about putting larger trees next to ityoull either need to leave enough room to get in there and prune the trees (a miserable job), or plant them far enough away so they dont reach the fence (thus ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Last, but not least, a small space may best be screened by a combination of a structure and plants. Grid-like fences (or sturdy trellises) and vines can be used in very tight spaces to provide plenty of privacy without sacrificing the delights of the garden. Fast ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Fastest growing privacy trees can increase property value. Quickly block out unwanted sites with a living green wall. Click or call 1-888-504-2001, Fast Shipping, Best Prices ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Nosy neighbors peeking over that unsightly fence? Looking for a little less noise and a little more seclusion in the yard? There is an easy solution: trees. Trees add beauty, fresh air, and that precious privacy to your backyard space. Whether its afternoon sunbathing ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Looking for trees that provide privacy from the wrong kind of neighborhood watch? Planting a living fence is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to a hardscaped privacy fence, and thats not the only positive, according to Missy Henriksen of the National Association ... [ Chat Online + ]

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Finally, there are common plants having potential for use in living privacy fences that you may easily overlook, but that nosy neighbors will not be able to look over. Eastern hemlocks (Tsuga canadenesis) are best known as forest trees that reach enormous But if ... [ Chat Online + ]

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For a quick-growing, deer-resistant, very stress-tolerant privacy screen, Thuja Green Giant is the top choice of Wayside gardeners across the country. Our bestselling product of all time, Green Giant is a hybrid of the Western Red Cedar and Thuja standishii, and it has proven most effective in [ Chat Online + ]

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Whether using trees as a privacy screen or to conceal a privacy fence, the right choice also can provide summer shade, shelter from winter winds and/or homegrown fruits. A narrow space between two houses may require a creative gardening solution, but if you have a 12-inch-wide space in your side [ Chat Online + ]

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Evergreen trees and shrubs make great outdoor privacy screens all year-round. Find the perfect evergreen plants for your privacy needs with This Old House. ... A line of evergreen trees or shrubs can provide year-round seclusion even better than a fence, because ... [ Chat Online + ]